Stephanie Schmelter

Stephanie Schmelter  #

Stephanie Schmelter
Certified Psychologist and psychotherapist

Mobile phone +352 691 11 91 81

*1967, one daughter

Professional Education
University diploma in psychology with special focus on behavioural therapy and organizational psychology (certified psychologist and psychotherapist), training in behavioural therapy, clinical hypnosis, pain psychotherapy and energy psychology

Since 1994 Clinical and psychotherapeutic activities in various fields of rehabilitation: neurology (8 years), managing director of a mother-child facility (1 year); cardiology (2 years); orthopaedics (14 years), all these activities focussed on pain therapy, health promotion and activation of resources. Teacher at the school for physiotherapists, expert reviews for “TÜV” (German association for technical inspection), lecturer and trainer in relaxation techniques (progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, phantasy journeys, self-hypnosis); lecturer for pain therapy, stress management and coping

Main Activities: