Dr. Gabriele Stephan-Hembach

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Dr. Gabriele Stephan-Hembach
PhD in natural sciences, certified psychologist, registered psychotherapist (Ministère de la Santé ; Collège médical), trainer and supervisor

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1958, married, 2 adult daughters

Professional Education
Studies of psychology at the University of Trier (Germany) and Adelphi University (Garden City, New York, U.S.) and medicine at the University-GHS Essen (preliminary medical examination «Physikum»). Certified psychologist and licensed psychotherapist.

Professional training and continuing education: Behavioural therapy; specialized psychotherapy of pain, clinical hypnosis, energy psychotherapy (EDxTM), biofeedback, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR);

Qualified trainer: Relaxation methods (PMR), coping with stress, smoking cessation. Supervisor (pain management psychotherapy), certified trainer in Energy Psychology (Fred Gallo PhD).

Clinical activity at the University Hospital Essen (pediatric nephrology) Psychological research on topics of personality assessment and doctoral dissertation on “Anger and Coping with Anger” at the University of Trier.

Since 1995, psychotherapeutic and clinical activities, with a main focus on pain (16 years), psychosomatics, and health promotion

Certified Psychotherapist and authorized since 2016 to practice psychotherapy in Luxembourg (2016.08.010/psycho), Registered at the Collège médical (4805).

Main Activities: