In modern hypnotherapy (M.H. Erickson) you will learn techniques of self-hypnosis and how to access deeper levels of conscience. In this way you can find creative solutions.

„Therapeutic trance is focused attention, which is directed in the best possible way so that the patient reaches his goals.“

(Milton H. Erickson)

This is a form of psychotherapy which combines the wisdom of

  • traditional Chinese medicine (the meridian system) with
  • applied kinesiology,
  • modern neuroscience and
  • hypnotherapy.

After a precise diagnosis, clients can change their symptoms and improve their condition by stimulating specific meridian points through the technique of “tapping”.

We use different methods taken from hypnotherapy, EMDR and energy psychology in order to treat persons with simple and complex trauma, as well as secondary traumatized persons (rescuers, therapists and other professional helpers).

The aim of the treatment is stabilization, processing trauma and comprehensive integration.

This form of therapy puts the focus on direct experience.

The issue will be approached with the help of different creative methods. In this way new solutions can be developed.

In the specialized psychotherapy of pain, the client learns techniques from cognitive therapy and clinical hypnosis in order to be able to influence oneself the intensity and frequency of pain.
Biofeedback is an additive method which can further improve pain management.

The aim of therapy is better to control pain, broaden the sphere of activity and gain more joy in life.

Pain, anxiety, stress, tinnitus, psychosomatic syndromes … when we have such difficulties, the process of automatic body regulation (e.g. muscular tension, blood pressure, cardiac pulsation, skin temperature) changes to our disadvantage.

Using Biofeedback you will recover control over this process in a way that enables you to reorient your body functions in a positive direction and thereby leave e.g. pain behind or overcome anxiety.
By making change in a positive direction visible and audible, you will experience durable success already after a few sessions.

When we experience grief, we often experience heavy and contradictory emotions and conditions. At times we might be afraid of the present and the future.

The aim of counseling is to activate outer and inner resources – such as what is precious and unique in the relationship with the deceased - in order to ease the time of grieving and to develop new perspectives in life.